Those interested of the bondage and molesting of Hidan...welcome. =w=
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 Do YOU Think I'm a Ninja? Hmm?

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Medical Nin
Medical Nin

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PostSubject: Do YOU Think I'm a Ninja? Hmm?   Tue Sep 29, 2009 3:05 pm

I am Kazumi Chiyoko, the drifter of Kishimoto Land~

I'm one of those stupid special cases; I'm usually not found in Konoha. I relay information from different lands to Konoha. (Like, being in Suna and feeding info to Tsunade-sama.)

As for my skills... My offense is better than my defense; I use water-based techniques, since my Keke Genkai (Mizu Hanagata) involves water. I'm a wimp against earth jutsu users. Soil absorbs water, ne? I'm strongest against fire users. My medicinal skills are pretty good; they're better than my attacking skills.

No weapons for me~ Water is my weapon. BECAUSE WATER IS EVERYWHERE. Even in your BLOOD CEREAL. *Chuckles evilly*

I think I'd just cut my own toe off accidentally if I carried a bulky sword around with me, anyway. Weapons are a big, fat NO-NO for me.

Yup, that's it for me!
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Do YOU Think I'm a Ninja? Hmm?
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